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Sketch Comedy videos written by Molly found on Critical Booby Youtube

Grandma Vs. Burglar

Critical Booby sketch Written, Directed, Edited, and Starring Molly

Open Mic Grindin'

A short documentary by Molly Kauffman and Ryan Dosa 

How To Make Friends in LA

Critical Booby Sketch Written and Directed by Molly

More Select Projects:

Sal and Pal: Co-workers into Real Life Friends - Co-written, and Starring Molly

Vampire Eviction - Written, Directed, and Starring Molly

Roommate's Dog: Comedy Song - Co-written, Directed, and Starring Molly

2000's RomCom Parody - Written and Starring Molly

Secret Car Wash - Written and Starring Molly

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